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Competition for business owners is stiff. It is therefore crucial to maintain a professional image. Adequate maintenance and an immaculate appearance on the interior as well as exterior of your building are essential elements.

Here are three good reasons to add and upkeep professional looking striping to your parking lot.

1. Wiser Space Usage – Very often we see a “full” parking lot that could have easily provided more spaces if adequately painted lines were present. It may seem insignificant, but the loss of potential revenue really makes a big difference over time.
2. Structure – Without parking lot striping, motorists will park anywhere or everywhere they can get their cars to fit. An unorganized lot increases the potential for vehicles to get crammed too close together and/or block the exit to your lot. Disorderly parking also increases the probability for vehicles being damaged.
3. Make a Good Impression – Parking lot striping serves as a welcome mat for your customers and can boost how new customers view your business. Worn striping or none at all sends out a message that the owner does not care enough about the business to even upkeep the way the property looks.