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Your parking lot is the very first thing your clients will visit. You may want it to be both inviting and aesthetically pleasing plus striping adds that “final touch”. A well-preserved lot permits efficiency in the stream of visitors (both automobiles and pedestrians) and guarantees that the security of the general public.

Whether you will need touch upon preexisting striping or a redesign, then our seasoned players are well-versed in after the recommendations of the Americans with Disabilities (ADA). The ADA has a few details on which the parking stalls can be found and just how steep the incline on the ramp could be.

Pickett’s Paving employs the most recent gear and merchandise to guarantee the maximum quality in painting sharp, clean lines and well-defined advantages. Our striping solutions include:

  • Parking stall lines
  • Directional arrows
  • Handicap stalls
  • Paths of travel
  • No parking
  • Fire zones
  • Entrance / Exit signage

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