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Wheel Stops

Wheel Stops

Like speed bumps, wheel stops are another important safety measure for your business’ parking lot. At Pickett’s Paving we offer two types of wheel stops: Rubber or concrete. The concrete wheelstops are the most popular because they are strong, durable and can be painted. It is the best way to make sure the parking area of your commercial business or shopping center is well organised and provides proper parking spaces and excellent safety for your visitors.

Wheelstops are great for protecting your curb and walls from vehicles damaging them and also causing damage to the vehicles in the process. They assist in creating a boundary between obstacles and prevent travel further than the boundary the wheelstops create. The best thing is, they do this without causing damage to the vehicle or its tires.

Call one of our expert pavers today for a free estimate and they will be happy to go over the type and size of wheel stops that will suit your parking lot’s needs.

Wheel Stops
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