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Do you ever find yourself speeding down a residential street, lost in thought, when suddenly you hit a speed bump that sends your coffee flying? It might be an abrupt awakening, but speed bumps serve a critical role in enhancing road safety. When it comes to safeguarding our streets, Pickett’s Paving is a name that stands out in the world of speed bumps. In this article, we’ll explore how speed bumps by Pickett’s Paving can turn your neighborhood into a safer place, one bump at a time.

1. Slowing Down the Lead-Footed Drivers
Speed bumps are like gentle reminders to drivers who tend to put the pedal to the metal. These raised sections of the road act as a deterrent, slowing down even the most lead-footed drivers. When installed strategically, Pickett’s Paving speed bumps effectively reduce the risk of accidents, especially in areas with high pedestrian traffic.

2. Traffic Calming in Action
If you’ve ever wondered how to make your street safer, traffic calming measures are the answer. Pickett’s Paving speed bumps are a vital component of traffic calming, which aims to create a safer and more comfortable environment for all road users. By introducing these road obstacles, drivers are compelled to reduce their speed, which decreases the chances of accidents, making the streets more pedestrian-friendly.

3. Keeping Kids and Pets Safe
One of the primary concerns for any community is the safety of children and pets. Kids and pets often dart across the street without a second thought, and it’s crucial to have mechanisms in place to protect them. Pickett’s Paving speed bumps provide that necessary buffer, reducing the risk of tragic accidents and ensuring the neighborhood remains safe for everyone.

4. Preventing Reckless Driving
Reckless driving is a menace on our streets, endangering lives every day. Speed bumps by Pickett’s Paving act as a deterrent to those who think speed limits are mere suggestions. The jolt and discomfort caused by these road features make drivers think twice about exceeding the speed limit. It’s a small inconvenience for the driver but a giant leap for road safety.

5. Enhancing the Aesthetic Appeal
Not only are Pickett’s Paving speed bumps functional, but they also contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of your neighborhood. These well-designed speed bumps can be integrated seamlessly into the road’s layout, adding a touch of sophistication to the surroundings. It’s a win-win situation where safety meets style.


When it comes to making our streets safer, Pickett’s Paving speed bumps are more than just road obstacles. They are the silent guardians of our neighborhoods, ensuring that everyone can navigate the streets without fear. By slowing down traffic, they reduce accidents, prevent reckless driving, and enhance the overall appeal of the area. So, next time you encounter a speed bump, remember that it’s not just a bump in the road; it’s a crucial element in ensuring your safety and the safety of your community. With Pickett’s Paving speed bumps, safer streets are just a bump away.

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