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Understanding Hot Mix Asphalt

A driveway of hot mix asphalt consists of an engineered combination of sand, stones and a petroleum material of liquid asphalt cement. Variable sizes of pebbles and sand mixture, or aggregate, get heated and then blended in precise amounts with 300 degree liquid asphalt cement.
When the mixture is still heated, it is transported to your driveway and spread over the surface of the formulated sub-base with a self-propelled paving instrument. By using a paving mechanism, the asphalt is spread at a constant, even depth, producing a flat, smooth, beautiful paved surface. Pickett’s Paving machines will perform an impressive piece of work for you.
The asphalt mixture firms immediately and is typically ready for you to walk over it in less than one hour. Contingent on the weather, you should hold off for at least 3 days before driving over it. Asphalt cures with time. It gets more supple and spongier in warmer weather. As it matures, it gets less flexible when the oil level decreases. If paving is done in autumn, the curing process comes to a halt during the winter, and begins again in spring when the weather gets warmer.