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The crisp and more linear appearance of curbs on streets and parking lots make them more attractive. The term “curb appeal” suggests that adjacent properties also take on a more aesthetic presence having a clean-cut separation between the yard and street. Please read on to find out more about the value that concrete curbs add to your property.

1. Concrete curbing reinforces pavements. Restricting pavement flexibility with a concrete curb not only increases compaction in the construction phase, but it also preserves the quality of the edges. When extra body is added to edges, strength and firmness are improved. Dispersion from traffic load is also reduced. In turn, these structural benefits prolong the life of any paving project.

2. With concrete curbs, drainage channels and slopes aren’t necessary. The space for right-of-way on roads and driveways is increased as a result. There is also a maintenance advantage because mowing ditch banks or culverts isn’t required. It also aids in reducing driveway length from the street to a business or home.

3. The light reflective surface of concrete is yet another benefit of curbing. It defines paving edges, thus improving night-time visibility. In locations where curbs are nonexistent to define edges of streets, maintaining painted stripes along the edges is typical upkeep.

4. Lastly, concrete curbing improves efficiency for street-sweepers because debris gets condensed for easier, mechanical pick-up, instead of being spread out onto the shoulders or drainage channels where it then must be picked up manually.

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