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Image source: LA Street Services

Whether everyone believes in Global Warming or not, it is not just a topic for academic study. The fact is that each year it seems that the heat is becoming more extreme, not to mention the many extreme storms and hurricanes that only get worse.

In Los Angeles the heat near the asphalt reaches an incredible 140º Fahrenheit, that’s desert sand heat!

With temperatures so high, a pilot project was started to test a new type of paving, capable of “cooling” the city.

At first, only 15 streets were covered with this special asphalt-based paint.
Tests have proven that the paint can not only lower the heat of the soil somewhat between 11 and 13 degrees Fahrenheit, but there is also the added benefit of cooling even the neighboring houses and buildings.
Studies indicate that if 35% of the city was covered with paint, it would very likely lower the temperature by 1 degree or more in the entire city. It may not seem like much, but it outlines savings that would result in around $100 million per year in energy costs!
source: Demilked