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Different Patching Methods

Winter weather is tough on asphalt and often leads to various types of damage. Potholes and cracks are common unavoidable problems that can be repaired in a variety of ways.

1. Cold patch is very accessible and simple to install. You can buy it in 50 pond bags at most retail home improvement store locations in the Madison and Deforest WI area. All you need is a shovel and square hand tamper. Cold patches are temporary and eliminate the risk safety hazards or harmful problems to motorist’s tires. It will work until you have the professionals at Pickett’s Paving address the damages.

2. Skin patching, or surface patching, is another temporary asphalt patch but lasts longer than a cold patch. This patching process is frequently applied in high traffic stretches with depressed or deteriorated surfaces. A tack coat is applied to the existing pavement and then new material is added and blended in.

3. Saw cut removal is a very thorough method and works well on pavement with alligator cracks. Saw cut and removal consists of painting marks on the area of asphalt failure and saw cutting around it. The section is excavated 2-6 inches deep. New hot asphalt mix is added and then compacted. The cut joints are sealed with a rubber crack sealant to eliminate any problems with water penetration.

4. Infrared Asphalt Restoration is an efficient ‘green’ asphalt repair practice. An infrared heater heats a pot hole to 400 degrees. Then a steel tooth rake scores the hole. A fresh plant mixture is added then a rejuvenator is applied. The final step is use a vibrating roller to compact the material. A hotbox keep the asphalt hot. Infrared repairs are convenient, permanent, as well as eco-friendly.

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