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Our new site is coming soon

For service information call 941.780.8231

Pickett’s Paving Florida. Your Local, Professional – Commercial Paving and Residential Paving Company, Located In Sarasota, FL.

In business since 1973, Pickett’s Paving Florida is now servicing all of Sarasota County, FL and it’s sounding areas with these paving services:

Our Installation & Repair Services Include:

  • •Complete Resurfacing
  • •Blacktop
  • •Sealcoating
  • •New Installations
  • •Resurfacing/Renovations
  • •Patchwork
  • •Hot Asphalt Chip Seal
  • •Parking Lots
  • •Private Lanes & Roads
  • •Line Painting & Line Striping with ADA Compliance
  • •Old Pavement Grinding
  • •Excavation & Leveling
  • •Basketball Courts
  • •Tennis Courts
  • •Driveways
  • •Pavement
  • •Walking Paths
  • •Bike Paths
  • •Sidewalks

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Our Services


Our knowledgeable professionals are outfitted with the most recent equipment and experience to ensure your job is done quickly and perfect the very first time. Our Project Manager will coordinate and program your paving job to ensure that you are able to conduct business as usual.

At Pickett’s Paving we know how important it is to get your company looking its BEST! We provide preventative maintenance, which in turn will reduce prices later on. Our preventative maintenance includes: Seal coating, crack filling and remove & replace.

We’re also ADA compliant and will look after all of your security needs. Our skilled builders will put in speed bumps, disability ramps, wheel stops, striping and directional signage.

With Pickett’s high quality quality workmanship and competitive prices we look forward to improving your enterprise.

Residential Paving

Your house is most likely the largest expense of your lifetime and your driveway will be a significant portion of the investment. Your driveway might require a few touch ups to give it this “curb appeal” or else you might want a complete replacement in order to add value for your house when it is time to market. We’ll also seal coating on your driveway ensuring that your investment will continue through all Florida’s ecological ailments.

Whatever your needs might be, our educated and skilled contractors in Pickett’s Paving are right here for you. Serving Sarasota, FL that our intention is to guarantee the maximum caliber of work achieved in a timely way.

We anticipate improving the appearance and value of your premises.


Our specialist pavers can help preserve and maintain your Commercial or Residential sidewalk investment looking its finest. Big or little, we do all of it!

Your sidewalk will start to deteriorate over the years together with the pressures of ecological elements (sunlight, water, temperatures), regular traffic, and substance spills (for instance, gasoline and petroleum).

Pickett’s Paving will reestablish your sidewalk back into “amazing”. A number of our solutions we supply are both secure coating and crack filling. These solutions can help preserve your sidewalk.

Through preventative asphalt maintenance you’re able to prolong the life span of your sidewalk investment for a reasonable price versus significant job in the future.

Pickett’s Paving Florida is all pleased to supply you with a free quote on your job. Our job is of the highest quality and also we enjoy supplying Sarasota, FL using the best and most inexpensive service on the market.

Blacktop Paving

Trust the professionals in Pickett’s Paving to get the work done correctly the first time on all your asphalt or blacktop paving needs. Whether your job is big or little; parking lots to private driveways. We supply excellent workmanship and take pride in adding value to your residential or commercial projects.

We also supply maintenance, seal coat, and remove & replace. In addition to ensuring that your parking lot is all up to code using the ADA compliance guidelines.

Paving Markings / Striping

Your parking lot is the very first thing your clients will visit. You may want it to be both inviting and aesthetically pleasing plus striping adds that “final touch”. A well preserved lot permits efficiency in the stream of visitors (both automobiles and pedestrians) and guarantees that the security of the general public.

Whether you will need a touch upon preexisting striping or a redesign, then our seasoned players are well-versed in after the recommendations of the Americans with Disabilities (ADA). The ADA has a few details on which the parking stalls can be found and just how steep the incline on the ramp could be.

Pickett’s Paving employs the most recent gear and merchandise to guarantee the maximum quality in painting sharp, clean lines and well-defined advantages. Our striping solutions included:

Remove & Replace

There is a time as soon as your asphalt has arrived at the end of its life. Sealcoating will help whenever you have cracks and oxidation, but it’s nothing but a temporary cure. Our proficient players will emerge and do a review to determine this is definitely the best route.

The Remove & Replace procedure will function as follows: We’ll divide the present asphalt and eliminate it. We might need to do a little bit of earthwork about the foundation and repair any issues for your upgrade. Eventually we’ll lay a fresh new layer of asphalt. We’ll have your sidewalk looking its best after more using all the fine workmanship of the experienced players.

Speed Bumps

The best means to control the rate of traffic, while making sure that the protection of pedestrians is using the installation of speed bumps.

Speed bumps (or speed breakers) are the frequent name for a household of traffic calming devices that use perpendicular deflection to impede motor-vehicle traffic so as to enhance safety requirements. Variations include the speed hump, speed cushion and speed rate table. Traditionally most vertical deflection devices have been constructed of asphalt or concrete. Due to the rigidity and durability of the materials, they’ve got more permanence and therefore are more effective at slowing traffic.

Poorly-designed speed bumps that stand too tall or using a too-sharp an angle (often found in personal car parks) may be disruptive for motorists, and might be tricky to navigate to vehicles with low ground clearance, and even at quite low rates. Let’s skilled professionals at Pickett’s Paving install top quality and secure speed bumps that will withstand everyday traffic out of even the heaviest of trucks.

ADA Compliance

It’s required that all businesses are in compliance with using a specific amount of disability and van available stalls in their own parking lots (ADA Compliance). Whether you need a touch up on preexisting striping or a redesign, then our experienced employees are well-versed in after the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities (ADA). The ADA has a few specifics on which the parking stalls can be found and how steep the incline on the ramp can be.

ADA Compliance The Americans with Disabilities Act has been launched in the 1990s and made a federal mandate for accessible parking (disability spaces) in public buildings amongst other matters. This is good for its pavement industry since It supersedes regulations and makes a uniform code throughout the country

Permit Pickett’s Paving make sure your place of business is more compliant with the current ADA code.

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